I was born April 20th 1989 in Helsinki, capital of Finland. 

Most of my childhood was spent drawing, and becoming a musician didn't cross my mind until I was well into my teens - but I always did listen to music. The cassette- or CD-player was always on in my room, and if I didn't have recorded music to listen to, I kept the radio on. It was such a normal thing to me, that when my friends expressed indifference toward music, I was bewildered. My 9-year old mind could not comprehend how anyone could go through their day without music.

When I was 18, I attended a brief course in music composition, and it was here that I discovered that, despite my lack of musical training or experience, I had a real talent for writing music, even though it involved the finesse of a drunk seagull. 

Well into my twenties, I aquired my first instrument, the 19-string celtic Pixie harp, as well as a microphone and very basic recording equipment. I sang with a popular online choir on Youtube for a time, and this helped kickstart my interest in a youtube channel of my own. So I played and sang, wrote my own music, and learned more with the help of my wonderful subscribers, and some very talented musician-friends who taught me the magic of basic recording and mixing. As I improved, I was able to do a few jobs here and there as well. I wrote songs for video games, a few short films, and did several collaborations with other composers. 

Although I also play live gigs whenever possible, Youtube is still where it all begun, and where my small, wonderful, loyal audience cheers me on day after day. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

© 2016 Ronja Monto

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